Email Marketing Error 101


Email Marketing Error 101

Ok, I admit it. I have a few heroes. Who doesn’t?
But what do you do when you find out one of your heroes can’t spell, construct a sentence or sign his name?
It all started when I ended up on the website of one of my heroes. He said he had a Blog so I assumed he was telling the truth. Since he only had posted the name of the Blog, without a link, I emailed him to ask him where this supposed Blog was.
I did not really know if I would get an email back but within about ten minutes I heard my little inbox chime and there it was.
An email from my hero.
Boy, was I excited! This guy had answered my email!
I wondered what it would say. Words of wisdom? Would tiny pearls of enlightenment be attached?
I was kind of giddy when I pressed open.
And there it was.
Four lines of something that barely made any sense.
It appeared to be two sentences however neither had a capital letter at the beginning. The word ‘I’ was used twice, again without the use of a capital letter.
I checked the From field. It said the name of my hero. But how could I tell who sent this? There was no signature with a name, web address, or anything. Just a big blank white space.
The cryptic message seemed to explain that there was no Blog and talked about some discussion group I had never heard of.
My heart sank.
-Where was the inspiration?
-Where were the pearls of enlightenment?
-Where did this guy go to school?
I learned a lot that day.
-Even heroes can have terrible email manners
-Even heroes can miss out on email marketing opportunities by neglecting to use an email signature
-Even heroes can lose an admirer by quickly typing out gibberish to get a faithful fan out of their inbox.
Thanks hero, I am glad you emailed me. I realized you are a person just like me. You are no longer my idol. My aunt is an English teacher. If you want some private tutoring, I can send her contact information to you. If you want to improve your marketing efforts try complete sentences in proper English and an email signature with at least your name, web address and contact information.

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