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The Most Important Loan Officer Marketing Tool

Are you keeping up with technology, or are you just letting it pass you by? If you want to make more loan commissions in less time and with less effort, then I suggest you learn more about what I believe is the most important loan officer marketing tool: the autoresponder.

What would you say if I told you that for under 20 bucks per month, you would have access to an amazing marketing tool that not only responds automatically to your prospects, but then also follows up with these propects whenever you want, for as long as you want. And again, it does this automatically.

Autoresponders can do this and much, much more.

An autoresponder can effectively automate a large part of your marketing and follow-up process. When someone is subscribes to your mailing list by submitting their name and email address, they are instantly sent a response from your autoresponder.

But not only that, but the autoresponder will now send a series of follow up messages to your prospects. You choose the message. You choose when you would like them to receive them (Day 1, Day 29, Day 365, etc). The autoresponder does the rest.

An autoresponder service basically serves two main functions: email database management and automatic email marketing.

Email database management: We’ve all heard that money is in the list. The problem is that most loan officers don’t know how to add subscribers to their list effectively. And once they add customers, they don’t contact them nearly enough because of the cost and time in doing a mass mailing.

Using an autoresponder as a mortgage broker tool, you don’t face these same issues. Autoresponder services are up to date on all the CAN SPAM legislation and show you how to legally add prospects to your mailing list. Also, because email is free, the cost and effort will be the same whether you contact one prospect, 100 prospects or 1000 prospects.

All you are paying for is the monthly autoresponder bill (which will cost you between $17-20 depending on which company you use). Compare that to the cost of mailing your message via the United States Post Service. Sending out a thousand letters is going to cost you $390 just in postage (not to mention letterhead, envelopes, ink – not to mention the time involved to prepare the mailing).

Can you now see how powerful a mortgage broker tool that autoresponders can be? It will save your hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in postage over the next twelve months. You can now use that money on other marketing strategies.

And the automation that autoresponders provide will also free up many hours of your time. You can use that time to working on your business, or maybe to spend a little more time with your loved ones.

Loan officers are always looking for an edge. If you are not making enough commissions or feel that you are working all of the time, then I suggest that you do more research on autoresponders and how to efficiently use them as a loan officer marketing tool.

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